what if i only want to minify js, not concat them together? #83

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What do i have to do to disable concat feature?
I just want js/css files to be minified only, not concat.

another issue is: css files in css/subfolder are not copied to public folder, cause file not found errors?

Please teach me how to solve them
thanks you all


Hello ptquang86. I had some problems with the css not being copied over as well. The latest build script is out of sync with the current stable version of BP (3.0.2). It looks for the main css and js files at a different location than they were at in v3.0.2.

To fix you need to either rename js/script.js and css/style.css to js/main.js and css/main.css respectively, as well as the references to them in index.html, or go into build/config/default.properties and tell the build script to look for the old names:

file.root.script    = script.js
file.root.stylesheet    = style.css

Hope that helps.


Hello dtdumitrescu.
thanks for help.

How about the concat feature. Is there an option to disabled concat files?

I saw this option:
scripts in the modules directory will be minified, not concatenated, but will be cachebusted
dir.js.modules = ${dir.js}/modules

But that is for files in modules folder only, not for the others


Other than the modules option, there's no option to minify but not concat. It would be possible to rework the build script to do that but not in any way that would be exposes easily by properties or anything like that.

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