Data Object Reference

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The data is output either as a JSON object or an XML file (depending on the format you choose). Here is a sample JSON object retrieved from making the API call as per this demo.

Available Keys & Values

  • agents: Each User agent listed as an object with name, prefix, type, url, and currentVersion as keys.

  • features: All requested features listed with the key being the unique id for each feature (e.g. 'css-animation') and value being the readable name for that feature (e.g. "CSS Animation")

  • results: An object with keys as UAs and values as versions of browsers that support all the requested features.

  • result: Contains a list of feature objects, each of which lists UA and minimum version number required to support that feature.

  • agent: Contains information about the UA that is used for making this request to the API, with id, name, prefix, type, url, currentVersion, version as keys to this object.

  • supported: Indicate if all the requested features are supported or not.

  • upgradable: Indicates if a later version of the browser from which the api request was made, would support this feature.

  • html: The content that will be rendered if this request was made with a HTML format.