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Serve .mp4 and .m4v files as `video/mp4` as per RFC 4337

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1 parent a9befb5 commit da3f5c1738ddf42ccf4878f1b0f539796ff3b395 @mathiasbynens mathiasbynens committed Mar 21, 2012
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  1. +1 −1 nginx-mime.types
2 nginx-mime.types
@@ -76,12 +76,12 @@ types {
audio/x-wav wav;
video/3gpp 3gpp 3gp;
+ video/mp4 m4v mp4;
video/mpeg mpeg mpg;
video/ogg ogv;
video/quicktime mov;
video/webm webm;
video/x-flv flv;
- video/x-m4v m4v;
video/x-mng mng;
video/x-ms-asf asx asf;
video/x-ms-wmv wmv;

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