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H5P Moodle Plugin

Create and add rich content inside your LMS for free. Some examples of what you get with H5P are Interactive Video, Quizzes, Collage and Timeline.


If you intend to use the repository directly in production, make sure that you're using the "Stable" branch, as this is the production branch. There are no guarantees for the state of the other branches at any given time. Also make sure that all submodules are pulled as well using:

git submodule update --init


One of the great benefits with using H5P is that it gives you access to lots of different interactive content types.

Another great benefit with H5P is that it allows you to easily share and reuse content. To reuse content, you just download the H5P you would like to edit and make your changes – e.g. translate to a new language or adjust it to a new situation.

H5P is:

  • Open Source
  • Free to Use
  • HTML5
  • Responsive

The H5P community is actively contributing to improve H5P. Updates and new features are continuously made available on the community portal

View our setup for Moodle to get information on how to get started with H5P.

GDPR Compliance

Information useful to help you achieve GDPR compliance while using this plugin can be found at's GDPR Compliance page.

Development Version

Warning! Never use the development version in production, there are no guarantees for which state the development branches are in at a given time.

Inside your moodle/mod folder you run the following command:

git clone -b master hvp && cd hvp && git submodule update --init

Enabling The Plugin

In Moodle, go to administrator -> plugin overview, and press 'Update database'.


Settings can be found at: Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> H5P


Feel free to contribute by:

  • Submitting translations to the Moodle AMOS translator
  • Testing and creating issues. But remember to check if the issues is already reported before creating a new one. Perhaps you can contribute to an already existing issue?
  • Solving issues and submitting code through Pull Requests to the 'master' branch or on a separate feature branch.