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The core Habari system files. This is where the magic happens!
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Latest commit 26b9631 May 29, 2015 @chrismeller chrismeller Merge pull request #77 from alasdairsmith/master
Changed $this->active from false to 0 to resolve PostgreSQL problem.
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admin Allow silos to extend to full screen width Apr 1, 2014
handlers Fix behaviour in installhandler that will never allow plugins from co… Apr 23, 2015
installer Merge pull request #68 from habari/fix-theme-plugin Apr 18, 2014
locale automatic POT template generation Sep 8, 2013
plugins New plugin versions Dec 15, 2013
schema Pass args to sql_t() by reference, changes false to 0 in SQLite. Jan 18, 2014
themes Re-add themes as submodules Sep 30, 2013
vendor Initial pass at visualsearch, faceted search FormControl for use on s… Apr 26, 2013
.gitignore Delete .DS_Store and ignore it from now on. Oct 17, 2012
.gitmodules Re-add themes as submodules Sep 29, 2013 Fix link to habari/habari Feb 9, 2013
autoload.php Habari should only autoload classes in its own namespace. Apr 7, 2013
index.php Bump required PHP version to PHP 5.4. It was overdue. ref #581 Sep 16, 2014

Habari's core

The system repository contains Habari's core. See the main Habari repository, where this is included as a submodule.

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