My blog. Was hosted by WordPress on, is now hosted by Netlify under
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This repository contains my blog.

Aeons ago I started with Movable Type, then switched to Wordpress.

After wanting to remove a ton of dependencies and headaches I tried running it by Jekyll on GitHub Pages.

After putting some more thoughts on it, I found Hugo in combination with Netlify an even more compelling solution. This means that - in theory - I'm free to move this thing to any host I want and still have the blog running from this repository.

Steps to export and convert the data to a Jekyll site

  • Export an XML file from (gives you habignach.wordpress.2018-02-21.xml as per today).
  • git clone ~/Dev/exitwp
  • cp ~/Dev/*.xml ~/Dev/exitwp/wordpress-xml
  • cd ~/Dev/exitwp/ && python2
  • mv ~/Dev/exitwp/build/jekyll/* ~/Dev/blog/_posts/

The exoprted posts are geared toward a 'Jekyll' site, but also work with 'hugo'.

Convert to Hugo

  • Move all the Jekyll stuff (from this repository) to a temporary folder
  • mv ~/Dev/exitwp/build/jekyll/* ~/Dev/blog/content/post/
  • cd ~/Dev/blog/themes
  • Add a theme with cd themes && git submodule add ThemeURL, since Netlify doesn't support the usual git clone ThemeURL way of installing Hugo themes.

Host this thing (automatically)

  • Follow this guide
  • Set up DNS, e.g. set the following in the admin panel of cyon. Netlify tells us to do blog CNAME