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Sample for Spring Security OAuth2 with JWT tokens.
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Spring Security OAuth2 + JWT Examples

This is a simple example of using Spring Security OAuth2 to provide an OAuth2 authorization server that issues JWT tokens as well as an API secured by an OAuth2 resource server that accepts those tokens.

There are two Spring Boot applications contained in this repository:

  • jwt-auth-server : The authorization server.

  • jwt-resource-server : The API secured with an OAuth2 resource server.

See each application’s individual README.adoc files for details on building and running them.


These projects are based on Spring Security for OAuth2 (S2OAuth), a separate extension for Spring Security. The roadmap for Spring Security has it eventually absorbing most/all of S2OAuth.

Resource server support is slated for inclusion in Spring Security 5.1. Authorization server support will follow in Spring Security 5.2. As those versions of Spring Security become fully available, this example should (and will) be updated to showcase the new way of creating OAuth2 authorization and resource servers.

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