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H4I recruitment platform
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n3a9 and caiyingshen Registration + Login Workflows w/ PI Server and Google Auth (#311)
* intial commit for admin page

* Add permission role enum, get page working, start selection logic

* Add nav and clean page tables, add buttons

* add year dropdown + conditional rendering for remove button

* disable buttons based on isEditing

* Change title for year dropdown

* initial commit w register + login pages

* working login and register pages

* move changes to index.js

* add API endpoints

* functioning login +  register workflows

* google workflow works

* make modal pop up w invalid passwords + add email regex

* add modal for invalid request

* add invalid request modal for login

* bug fixes

* adjust register + login buttons

* yarn format

* add register google modal

* change default roles for now

* Properly set director state, remove unused prop definitions

* Consistent component definition

* Begin addressing review comments

* respond to PR comments

* change enum values

* yarn format

* fix typos

* Remove extra line

* Address some comments

* move styling

* yarn format

* refactor modals

* update readme + add pending to enum

* remove logging

* respond to PR feedback - change server URL + google
Latest commit 07877cb Aug 17, 2019

Hack4Impact UIUC recruitment platform CircleCI

(in progress)

Original Proposal by tko22

This application uses Next.js, an incredible framework built on top of React that allows for server-side rendering, Express.js for the backend API along with MongoDB as the choice of data persistence.


Both the setup for the frontend and backend are in the README of their respective folders.

A Peek

A full fledged platform for managing candidates, their application, interviews, and notes that's catered towards our recruitment process. Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 11 55 34 PM


Please read the Contributing Guidelines.

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