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Hack4Reno 2013

This repository is the source code for the Hack4Reno 2013 event. Our goal is to do as much of this in the open as possible. From our workshops to getting sponsors.


Hack4Reno will

  • demonstrate the value of Open Data and Open Government
  • serve as a model of engagement and participation for other Nevada cities
  • foster an open, expansive local government that listens to its people and their needs
  • connect people and their government through a shared purpose
  • take Reno one step further down the road to a smarter city and populace
  • empower citizens to help the city work better
  • give citizens tools and information to understand the larger context in which they live
  • show that Reno is full of talented, creative people that love their city
  • allow people to use their skills for civic good
  • spark innovation and new business startups
  • redefine hacking as a constructive term with a beneficial outcome

Get Involved!

Want to get involved? Jump to the issues, find something you care about - then take over, comment, cajole, troll, or whatever. This event is as open as we want the data to be.

Aren't part of the organization yet? Send us a GitHub message and we'll add you.