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My snippet's language is classified as "Other"

Lepton depends on GitHub API to detect the language. If it fails, the snippet's language is marked as "Other". However, we can put // vim: syntax=<your_language> at the top to explicitly specify the language.

// vim: syntax=javascript
let test = 'This is a javascript file'


Shortcut: Shift + Space. Limited by GitHub API, Lepton supports searching for following fields.

  • filename
  • description
  • tag
  • gist id

Title and Tags

Use the following pattern to specify the titles and tags for your snippets.

[title] description #tag1 #tag2


Place your proxy configurations in ~/.leptonrc. Update the "address" field to your own proxy.

    "proxy": {
        "enable": true,
        "address": "socks://localhost:1080"

Check out the .leptonrc template to explore more configuration options.


We DON'T accept donation personally. If you like, feel free to donate to Wikimedia Foundation, which helps sustain free knowledge through Wikipedia and its sister projects for people around the world. You are welcome to create an issue to share how much you have contributed.

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