VESC BLDC controller board

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This page has all you need to know about ordering PCBs from Hackvana, for Benjamin Vedder's VESC speed controller.

** News: Too many people have asked me for VESC boards, then not paid. So I'm now asking for a pre-pay deposit. No deposit, no boards. See below.

Some VESC boards (image: Erwin)

What I'm selling is just the boards, as shown. I don't supply the components. You will need good soldering skills to assemble this board.

I've been supplying boards to Benjamin for two years, and VESC boards for a year. Copper thickness: 1-½-½-1oz.

1oz copper
5 boards USD74
10 boards USD76

Obviously it makes sense to get 10 instead of 5. You can share them with your friends.

Board manufacture takes about 7 days from when you pay to when they ship.

The price includes shipping by registered HK Post (1 week to Europe, 2 weeks to USA/Canada/Australia). Note, that if your order is over USD100 (and it would be with 2oz copper), then we can't remake your boards if something happens in transit. Please consider DHL.

I also ship by China DHL, HK DHL and EMS. Shipping is usually about USD thirty-something depending on country.

I offer three payment methods:

  • Paypal (+5% for USD, +2.5% for AUD),
  • TransferWise in AUD (, no surcharge. Most useful if you're in UK/EU),
  • For Australians, direct transfer to me in AUD (no surcharge).

If paying by Paypal, do NOT include the word VESC in your payment comment. If Paypal sees "VESC" in your payment comment, they will suspend your payment for several days. For payment comment, just put the 5-digit order code from the invoice.

If paying by TransferWise, please choose the option that gives me an exact amount in AUD. You'll be charged 3% more to cover exchange rate changes, but most of that will be refunded to you after the transaction's done.

Here's my guide to getting PCBs:

If you're saying "I don't want to read all that, just send me boards!", here's what to do:

  1. Go to and register yourself.
  2. Choose a nickname for yourself.
  3. Send USD20 deposit by Paypal to (, or AUD30 by Transferwise to (
  4. Send me an email to ( with a subject of "VESC board for nickname", where nickname is your nickname). In the email tell me:
    • The nickname you'd like;
    • How many boards you're after (multiple of 5. Soldermask is green, contact me if you'd like to vary this for an additional fee); and
    • What shipping method you'd like

I'll send you an invoice with the final amount. If you pay the invoice, I'll refund the deposit. If you don't pay the invoice, I keep the deposit.

I will make you the latest version that Benjamin recommends, which right now is *VESC_v4.12.

If you have any questions, or you want something outside of this, you can contact me online, and also talk with other Hackvana customers, who are very happy to help you, and can answer most questions when I'm not there.

For those of you who know about IRC, it's the #hackvana channel on Freenode.

You can also call me on +61-411-532-516.

Hope you have heaps of fun with your speed controllers!