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Hacker's Society Wiki


All non-sensitive information documentation is welcome here. The goal of this wiki is to document the things we have done, or are currently running. Because Hacker's Society is a student organization, the group will have entirely new members approximately every four years. To help prevent things from getting lost in the transitions, this wiki was made.

If you'd like to contribute, you have two options:

  • If you have push access to this repository, please create a separate branch, make all your changes there, and then create a pull request.
  • If you do not have push access, please fork the repository, make changes in your fork, and then create a pull request.


This wiki is made using Sphinx documentation. To build the wiki, you must first install Sphinx. After Sphinx has been installed, issuing a make html will generate the HTML seen at Here are some annotated Bash commands for getting things installed and generating HTML on Linux:

# Install Sphinx and theme in a virtualenv:
$ virutalenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
# Each time you'd like to generate documentation:
$ make html
# Generated files will be under _build/html

For syntax help, see here. The syntax used is ReStructured Text, not MarkDown.

Please Note: The script is not for your consumption! Do not use it or modify it unless you completely understand everything that goes into the Travis-CI setup (documented below).


This wiki works by combining Sphinx, Travis-CI, and GitHub Pages. When a commit hits master, here's what happens:

  1. Travis-CI creates a VM/container and checks out the latest commit within it.
  2. Travis runs Sphinx to create the documentation.
  3. Travis clones the gh-pages branch.
  4. Travis copies the generated documentation into the gh-pages branch, and commits new changes.
  5. Travis pushes these changes back to this repository.
  6. GitHub Pages registers the update to gh-pages and deploys to

This process takes about 5 minutes in total.

A few notes on this process:

  • is run by Travis to copy and push updates to the gh-pages branch. In order to have the credentials to push to this repo, Travis requires an encrypted access token (this is located in the .travis.yml file). The access token was generated under Stephen Brennan's account.
  • The Travis machinery was set up by Stephen Brennan, and the process is mostly documented in this Gist.
  • The Travis control panel is located here. Only members of the Wiki team in the Hacsoc organization may access it. Don't touch it unless you know what you're doing! The settings are probably set that way for a reason.