Script to create flatpaks from commercial game installers
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A script to automatically convert Linux game installers in various formats to flatpak bundles.



  • Supports the MojoSetup installer
  • Supports the MojoSetup + makeself installer (as used by


This will add the game to the repo directory:

./game-to-flatpak [installer file]

You will only need to do this once:

flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify --if-not-exists game-repo repo

Check which games are available in the repo:

flatpak --user remote-ls game-repo

Install the game for that user:

flatpak --user install game-repo com.gog.Call_of_Cthulhu__Shadow_of_the_Comet

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Out of scope

  • WINE, DOSBox, etc. automagic wrappers are not planned, don't ask for them.