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\title{Update theme param}
update_element(name, ...)
\item{name}{name of a theme element}
\item{...}{Pairs of name and value of theme parameters.}
Updated theme element
Update contents of a theme. (Deprecated)
This function is deprecated. Use
\code{\link{\%+replace\%}} or \code{\link{}} instead.
x <- element_text(size = 15)
update_element(x, colour = "red")
# Partial matching works
update_element(x, col = "red")
# So does positional
update_element(x, "Times New Roman")
# And it throws an error if you use an argument that doesn't exist
update_element(x, noargument = 12)
# Or multiple arguments with the same name
update_element(x, size = 12, size = 15)
# Will look up element if given name
update_element("axis.text.x", colour = 20)
# Throws error if incorrectly named
update_element("axis.text", colour = 20)
\code{\link{\%+replace\%}} and \code{\link{}}
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