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A cross-platform, headless BitTorrent client with low memory footprint.
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ℹ️ Hadouken is out of date in many ways and is currently not being worked on at all.

I recommend trying to switch to Porla ( which can solve some interesting problems in easy ways. Otherwise, there are alternatives that may be more attractive.

Getting started

To get started, head over to the releases and download a binary for your platform. If none exists, you might need to build one yourself.

Once Hadouken is installed, access the web interface by heading to http://localhost:7070/gui/index.html.

Please refer to the documentation for more information on how to configure and run Hadouken on your platform.

For developers

If you're interested in contributing, we recommend reading through the contribution guidelines.

For further documentation regarding plugins or the JSONRPC API, please refer to the developer documentation.

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