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Arabic XBMC Addons Repository


This repository contains a number of XBMC addons that are focused around providing Arabic streaming content.

Some plugins provide access to free and paid Arabic TV. Other plugins provide access to Arabic TV On-Demand which might include movies, clips and TV series.

Arabic XBMC Addons

The following is a listing of the Arabic XBMC addons available from this repository:

# Plugin Source Subscription Media Type
1 Shahid.Net No TV On-Demand
2 Al Qahera Al Youm‎ No TV Show
3 ATN Network Yes Live TV
4 GL Arab No Live TV
5 Teledunet No Live TV
6 Sotwesoora.Tv No Movies, TV Series
7 Bokra No Movies, TV Series
8 Panet No Movies, TV Series
9 Alarab No Movies, TV Series
10 No On-Demand TV, News, Sports
11 Syrian-drama No Movies, TV Series
12 Alquds Eyes No Movies, TV Series
13 Arabichannels No Live TV
14 DramaCafe No Movies, TV Series
15 Dubai TV No Movies, TV Series
16 CARTOONARABI No Movies, TV Series
17 Arabic Live Stream Super Collection Several providers No Live TV
18 Al Noor TV Yes Movies, TV Series


There are two main ways to install this XBMC repository:

1. Using XBMC HUB's Fusion Server (recommended)

  1. Add as a media source (or follow steps 1-13 from the following URL:
  2. Browse to the following direction structure: /video/world/arabic
  3. Choose:

2. Manual Download and Installation

  1. Simply download the repository zip and install it in XBMC.
  2. Read the following guide on the XBMC wiki to learn how to install addons from a repository.


When I install the repository from ZIP file, XBMC complains that it "does not have the correct structure".

This has typically meant that you have downloaded this github repository as a ZIP file (by clicking on the 'Download as zip' button) in the downloads page. Instead, you need to download the repository from the link in the 'Download Packages' section of the downloads page.



If you want to contribute to this repository either reach me on twitter or the XBMC forums via a private message.

Questions, Comments, Feature Requests or Issues

If you have any suggestions or feedback to make this repository even more awesome sauce then go ahead and submit an issue, or contact me directly.

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Arabic XBMC addon plugins and repository



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