JavaScript viewer for Trelliscope displays
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trelliscopejs-lib is a viewer for Trelliscope displays which can currently be created using the trelliscopejs R package (and hopefully in the future, conceptually created with anything else). This viewer is being written as a pure JavaScript application and the ultimate goal is for it to be able to plug in to many languages and be served by many back-ends depending on the scale of the display.

Trelliscope is a system for detailed interactive visualization of potentially very large data sets. The concept is to break a dataset into pieces, make a plot for each piece (each plot called a panel), and then arrange these plots into a grid or pages of grids for viewing. This idea is based on Trellis Display. When the number of panels becomes very large, Trelliscope provides a system for allowing the user to interactively explore the space of the panels based on metrics computed for each panel, called cognostics. To read more about Trelliscope, see here.


Try out a demo here.


# install dependencies
npm install

# clone the examples that are needed to test the application
git clone _test

# run webpack server for interactive development
npm start

# build a deployment bundle
npm run build

# run eslint
npm run lint

Copyright and license

Copyright 2016 Ryan Hafen. Code released under the BSD license.