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Lemonade is DEPRECATED now. Start using Compass Sprites.
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lib deprecated lemonade May 29, 2011

Lemonade is deprecated

Lemonade was a cool way to create sprites. Now I merged Lemonade into Compass in v0.11 and redefined the API with Chris Eppstein. Even better, Scott Davis made some enhancements.

So thanks for all the buzz for Lemonade and take a look at our Compass Sprites implementation:

Follow @hagenburger for updates.



Still need to use Lemonade?

Try to use an older implementation of ChunkyPNG if you get empty PNGs:

# Gemfile
gem 'lemonade'
gem 'chunky_png', '0.11.1'

You can find the old Lemonade code in the master branch

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