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Populates a <select> with a remote JSON.
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Populates a <select> with a remote JSON.

Working Example



<select data-source-url="options.json">



["Banana", "Apple", "Grape", "Cranberry"]

Bam! Your <select> now has 4 options: Banana, Apple, Grape and Cranberry.


You can customize the options by providing a hash when calling the plugin, like this:



To configure the AJAX request, provide a source option with regular jQuery AJAX settings:

  source: {
    url: '/basket',
    method: 'POST',
    data: {all: 'fruits'}

Note that, by default, the method is GET, and the URL can be set using the attribute data-source-url on the <select> element.

Mapping the response

Populous use a map function to handle the response.

function(response) {
  return [];

The resulting array may comprise arrays (pairs of label and value, in that order) or strings (that will be used as both).

Below is the default map option:

function(response) {
  return $.map(response, function(label) {
    return [[label, label]]; // jQuery#map make it flat, so we add depth

But you can provide your own mapping function:

  map: function(response) {
    return [];


Events and states

There are 2 new events being fired - loading and loaded - that happens, respectively, right before the AJAX request and right after the <select> is populated with its response.

$('select').on('loading', function() {
  $(this).attr('disabled', true);

$('select').on('loaded', function() {
  $(this).attr('disabled', false);

Also, there's a data property being set to flag when it's loading.

if($('select').data('loading')) {
} else {

Updating value

Populous does a little patch to allow jQuery's standard method val to seamlessly update the <select> even when it isn't finished loading.

$('select').val('Hey!'); //=> Will update when finish loading.


If you like RequireJS you can easily make a module definition for Populous.

define('Populous', ['jquery'], function($) {

  this.jQuery = $;

  // Paste here the contents of populous.js



See CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International


  1. Fork it
  2. Change it
  3. Commit with brief yet meaningful description
  4. Send pull request

Also, you could report an issue, help to fix or simply comment in one.

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