Add CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in `syntax/css.vim`.
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Add CSS3 syntax support to Vim's built-in syntax/css.vim.


I strongly recommend to install this plugin on Vim 7.4 or higher with default runtime files.

Vim package

$ mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/css3-syntax/start
$ cd ~/.vim/pack/css3-syntax/start
$ git clone


$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone


Download vim-css3-syntax.tar.gz from GitHub, extract it, and copy the contents to your ~/.vim directory.


Highlighting problems on: vertical-align, box-shadow, and others

Some properties do not highlight correctly by default. This is a limitation of Vim's highlight priority mechanism. To fix this problems, put following lines in your ~/.vim/after/css.vim:

setlocal iskeyword+=-

Or in your ~/.vimrc:

augroup VimCSS3Syntax

  autocmd FileType css setlocal iskeyword+=-
augroup END

This setting have side effects. So, use it at your own risk.

Vendor Prefixes

I do not plan to support CSS3 properties (or functions) with vendor prefixes, such as -webkit- or -moz-, etc. These are hard to maintain because they are:

  • Added frequently
  • Changed unexpectedly
  • Removed silently

These must be supported by separate syntax plugins (Vim 7.4's default CSS syntax file supports this). If you want to highlight prefixed properties or functions manually, :highlight and :match would help:

:highlight VendorPrefix guifg=#00ffff gui=bold
:match VendorPrefix /-\(moz\|webkit\|o\|ms\)-[a-zA-Z-]\+/

These commands highlight vendor prefixed properties and functions instantly with cyan and bold (on gVim).

CSS Preprocessors: Sass, LESS, and Stylus

vim-css3-syntax supports Sass's SCSS syntax only. If you want to use this plugin with LESS, install VIM-LESS. Sass's indent syntax and Stylus are not supported.

Media Queries

I drop Media Queries Level 3 support in v0.12.0. There is no easy way to support Media Queries properly with after syntax plugin like this one, sorry. If you want to highlight Media Queries correctly, you must update Vim to 7.4+ or install JulesWang/css.vim.


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