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Add CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in `syntax/css.vim`.

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Add CSS3 syntax support to Vim's built-in syntax/css.vim.


I strongly recommend to install this plugin on Vim 7.4 or higher with default runtime files.

Manual Installation

Download from GitHub, extract vim-css3-syntax.tar.gz, and copy the contents to your ~/.vim directory.

Installing with Git and pathogen

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone


Highlighting problems on: vertical-align, box-shadow, and others

Some properties do not highlight correctly by default. This is a limitation of Vim's highlight priority mechanism. To fix this problems, put following lines in your ~/.vim/after/css.vim:

setlocal iskeyword+=-

Or in your ~/.vimrc:

augroup VimCSS3Syntax

  autocmd FileType css setlocal iskeyword+=-
augroup END

This setting have side effects, so use it at your own risk.

Vendor Prefixes

I do not plan to support CSS3 properties (or functions) with vendor prefixes, such as -webkit- or -moz-, etc. These are hard to maintain because they are:

  • Added frequently
  • Changed unexpectedly
  • Removed silently

These must be supported by separate syntax plugins (Vim 7.4's default CSS syntax file supports this). If you want to highlight prefixed properties or functions manually, :highlight and :match would help:

:highlight VendorPrefix guifg=#00ffff gui=bold
:match VendorPrefix /-\(moz\|webkit\|o\|ms\)-[a-zA-Z-]\+/

These commands highlight vendor prefixed properties and functions instantly with cyan and bold (on gVim).

CSS Preprocessors: Sass, LESS, and Stylus

vim-css3-syntax supports Sass's SCSS syntax only. If you want use this plugin with LESS, install VIM-LESS. Sass's indent synatx and Stylus are not supported.


Kyo Namegashima



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