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Terraform module for creating a Kubernetes cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


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Terraform Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OKE)

This repository contains the Terraform module for creating a simple but ready-to-use Kubernetes Cluster on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE).

It uses the latest available Kubernetes version available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region and creates a kubeconfig file at completion.

Link to my comprehensive blog post (beginner friendly):

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You need an Oracle Cloud account.


  • Always uses latest Kubernetes version available at Oracle Cloud
  • kubeconfig file generation
  • Creates separate node pool for worker nodes
  • Allows SSH access from workstation IPv4 address only


  • export KUBECONFIG=./kubeconfig_oci in repo root dir to use the generated kubeconfig file
  • The enable_oracle variable is used in the hajowieland/terraform-kubernetes-multi-cloud module
  • It can take a few minutes after Terraform finishes until the Kubernetes nodes are available!


See tables at the end for a comprehensive list of inputs and outputs.

  • Default region: eu-frankfurt-1 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Default worker node type: VM.Standard2.1 (1x vCPU, 15.0GB memory)
  • Default worker node pool size: 2 (per subnet, by default we only use one subnet)

Terraform Inputs

Name Description Type Default Required
enable_oracle Enable / Disable Oracle Cloud k8s bool true yes
random_cluster_suffix Random 6 byte hex suffix for cluster name string true
oci_region Oracle Cloud region string eu-frankfurt-1 true
oci_user_ocid Oracle Cloud User OCID string yes
oci_tenancy_ocid Oracle Cloud Tenancy OCID string yes
oci_private_key_path Path to your OCI private key string ~/.oci/oci_api_key.pem yes
oci_public_key_path Path to your OCI public key string ~/.oci/oci_api_key_public.pem yes
oci_fingerprint OCI public key fingerprint string yes
lbs Count of 8-bit numbers of LoadBalancer base_cidr_block number 10 yes
oci_cidr_block OCI VCN CIDR block string yes
oci_subnets Count of 8-bit numbers of subnets base_cidr_block number 2 yes
oci_policy_statements OCI Policy Statements in policy language list(string) "Allow service OKE to manage all-resources in tenancy" yes
oci_cluster_name Oracle Cloud OKE Kubernetes cluster name string k8soci yes
oci_node_pool_name Oracle Cloud OKE Kubernetes node pool name string k8s-nodepool-oci yes
oci_cluster_add_ons_kubernetes_dashboard Enable the Kubernetes Dashboard bool false yes
oci_cluster_add_ons_tiller Enable Tiller for helm bool false yes
oke_node_pool_size OKE Kubernetes worker node pool quantity per subnet number 2 yes
oci_node_pool_node_shape OCI Kubernetse node pool Shape string VM.Standard2.1 yes
oci_subnet_prohibit_public_ip_on_vnic OCI VCN subnet prohibits assigning public IPs or not bool true yes
oci_node_pool_ssh_public_key SSH public key to add to each node in the node pool string ~/.ssh/ yes
oci_node_pool_node_image_name OCI Kubernetes node pool image name string Oracle-Linux-7.6 yes


Name Description
kubernetes_version Latest available Kubernetes version on Oracle Cloud
kubeconfig_path_oci generated kubeconfig file name


Terraform module for creating a Kubernetes cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure








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