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AppleScript integration for Org Babel
Emacs Lisp
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AppleScript integration for Org Babel

This module lets you run AppleScript from AppleScript source code blocks with Org Babel.

This package is a direct result of attempting to answer a question on this thread.

Some simple examples

No arguments, no code – just return a string.

#+BEGIN_SRC applescript
  "Hello World"

: Hello World

You can, however, pass a variable to a block:

#+BEGIN_SRC applescript :var subject="World"
  "Hello " & subject

: Hello World

You can use either apples or applescript as the language designation, to cater for two popular major modes. Use whichever you like. I prefer the font-locking of the apples one. This example also shows you can do interactive stuff.

#+BEGIN_SRC apples
display alert "Danger! The WHAM is overheating!"

: button returned:OK

If the result of the evaluation looks like a table, it’ll become a table:

#+BEGIN_SRC apples
"fi fo
1 2
3 4"

| fi | fo |
|  1 |  2 |
|  3 |  4 |


M-x package-install RET ob-applescript RET

Then, load the package from your ~/.emacs.d/init.el:

(require 'ob-applescript)

Ideas for future work (you’re welcome to help!)

  • osascript supports an interactive mode, which means I think it should be possible to support :session.
  • Adding some tests.
  • Adding some more documentation & examples.
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