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WordPress theme for the Dave Hakkens Community website

We wanted to have a place online which is truly ours, we are in control. No ads, open-source, build together in the way we want it to be. We started of building this thing, but invite you to help out and share feedback. It's build on Wordpress, we know. Not the best software to build a community on. But we like that it is a language many developers from all over the world speak. Which makes it easy to work on together. And we are always looking for passionate developers that want to help out improving this place. If you are one of those, reach out to us in the forums at http://davehakkens.nl/community

It's running on Wordpress. Couple of key plugins we use to make this community happen

  • BBpress for the forums
  • Buddypress for the community parts
  • Mycred for gamification
  • GD bbPress Attachments for forum attachments

Getting started using Docker

The theme has some dependencies that need to be installed before you will be able to test anything. A script has been created which automates some of this setup for you.

NOTE: The setup script does a destructive change to the current docker containers that you have already built. This means you lose all the data and start from scratch again.

To run the setup script, should just need to run


Currently only works on Mac/Linux (sorry windows users)

Once everything has completed (might take a minute or so), then you should be safe to browse to http://localhost:8001/

If you change something in the congif of the docker image, you might need to restart all the containers. You can do this by running:

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

After install, you will probably need to do the following:

  • WP admin -> Plugins -> Buddypress -> Settings -> Enable Private Messaging
  • Enable the dave hakkens theme

Things to help you debug

Pulling up a bash prompt

Sometimes being able to get root access to a machine is nice. You can do this on the wordpress image by running:

docker exec -it davehakkens_wordpress /bin/bash

Accessing the database

You can do this a couple of ways. If you're happy to run commands directly on mysql server, you will need to log into the container and run mysql. This can be done by:

docker exec -it davehakkens_database /bin/bash
mysql -p wordpress
# this prompts for a password. Default is "somewordpress"

This image also includes a php myadmin install. To get to the phpmyadmin page, make sure the image(s) are running and goto http://localhost:8002/. Put db in the Database field, root as user, and the default database password in the password (currently somewordpress)


  • Automate enable private messaging. Can't find a bp function, so might need to edit the option_value under wp_options table
  • Automate the activation of the theme (setup.sh)
  • Automate creation of pages and buddypress mapping (login + community, parented to community so static links don't break)