Artist radio, genre radio, related artists and more. Based on knowledge and your music.
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Create automatic playlists.

MusicCabinet helps you create good playlists, based on your local music library.

  • pick one or more genres (pop, 90s, piano...), and get a playlist of popular songs by artists matching these genres.
  • pick an artist, and get a playlist of popular songs by related artists.
  • pick an artist, and get a playlist of popular songs by that artist.

Browse by theme.

MusicCabinet also helps you browse your library, not by artist name, but rather by musical themes.

  • pick a genre, and display your top artists that fits best in that category.
  • pick an artist, and display your other artists that are most closely related.
  • browsing is enhanced using artist image, artist biographies, genre descriptions, and album cover art.

How does it work?

  • you run a PostgreSQL database on your own machine.
  • the database stores information about your local music library (artists, albums, tracks).
  • meta-data, such as related artists, top tracks, genres and image urls, is fetched from and stored.
  • methods to help you browse your library or generate playlists are exposed through an API.
  • MusicCabinet is a Java library, meant to be bundled with other applications.

Released under the GPL license. To get in touch, drop an email at