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Email Tips

  • Inbox Zero. Video
  • Five fast email productivity tips
  • Writing sensible email messages
  • Bottom posting encouraged.
  • Use plain text. No HTML mail.
  • No greetings among team members and friends who frequently exchange emails.
  • Excellent subject line.
  • The first two lines are important.
  • Use codes such as [EVENT], [NEWS], [PROJECT-X], [COMPANY-NAME], [REQ], [HELP], [TALK] in a subject line. Decide the codes with your team members.
  • Don't abuse [URGENT], [IMPORTANT].
  • No long signature. No Signature among team members.
  • Take time to write an email. Be specific and concise.
  • Write what you want the receiver to do until when.
  • Spell-checking. Define the due. Use a time zone if necessary.
  • Use a bullet-point for a list of statements and questions.
  • Use Backpack or Basecamp to reduce emails.
  • Make sure when to use what. Email, IM, call, face-to-face?
  • Make sure how often you are asked to check emails and respond to them.
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