Grove SI7021 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
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Grove SI7021 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Boards made for testing and validate Ultra Low Power node boards you can connect grove connector to make it original "grove" or header pin to make it for breadboarding.

  • The SI7021 pads have been resized to be easily hand soldered with an iron soldering.
  • You can enable/disable the pullup with a solder pad.
  • This board as no regulator on board, should be used only with 3.3V devices or add a level shifter.

##Detailed Description

Everything about ULPNode used with this board is located here on my blog

##Schematics schematics

board V1.0  top V1.0  bottom V1.0

You can order PCB directly from OSHPark

##Library There are lot of library to drive this one, the Sparkfun's one works fine

##Picture of assembled boards Assembled boards

##Misc See news and other projects on my blog