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XMPP/Jabber Library for Ruby
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Latest commit 202f452 @halorgium Stop polluting stdout and stderr.
When integrating with other services which rely on stdout, having a
clean stream is crutial for debugging.




Lucas Nussbaum <>
Stephan Maka <>
Kirill A. Shutemov <>
Yuki Mitsui
Peter Schrammel
Vojtech Vobr
Andreas Wiese
Chris Zelenak
Sam Ruby
Glenn Rempe

Project Info

You can find info about the xmpp4r project and how to contribute at the project home page:

If you need to ask questions, feel free to ask them on the mailing list. When reporting problems, please include a protocol dump which can be enabled with:

Jabber::debug = true

Source Code

The source for xmpp4r is managed in a Git repository and can currently be found in our project page:


Using RubyGems

You can install current releases of the xmpp4r library from a release copy using RubyGems:

sudo gem install xmpp4r

If you want to install a gem snapshot built from the latest source code found on the master branch of our Git repository you can install using:

sudo gem install ln-xmpp4r -s


XMPP4R is released under the Ruby license (see the LICENSE file), which is compatible with the GNU GPL (see the COPYING file) via an explicit dual-licensing clause.

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