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Compute statistics helper functions
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Do Stats R Package


The dostats R package is a compilation of helper utilities for computing statistics and operating on R as a language. It is particularly helpful with packages like plyr, but is useful anytime that simple functions have to be defined.


There are at present four functions of note.

  • dostats creates a function that returns a single line data.frame from a list of functions.
  • compose createa a functional composition of an arbitrary number of functions nesting each call withing the other. %.% is a opperator alias for composition of two functions.
    In other words f%.%g is equivalant to function(x)f(g(x)). There are helper functions for compose that assist in creating functions
    • wargs specifies new default arguments.
    • onarg specifies the argument that should be first in the formals list.
  • seq_consecutive will create a vector form a source vector than incriments every time the source vector changes.
  • .T is a helper function for creating character vectors without having to insert quotes.
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