A simple audio playback Python extension - cross-platform, asynchronous, dependency-free
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Simpleaudio Package

The simplaudio package provides cross-platform, dependency-free audio playback capability for Python 3 on OSX, Windows, and Linux.

MIT Licensed.

Documentation at RTFD


Installation (make sure the pip command is the right one for your platform and Python version):

pip install simpleaudio

See documentation for additional installation information.

Quick Function Check

import simpleaudio.functionchecks as fc


See documentation for more on function checks.

Simple Example

import simpleaudio as sa

wave_obj = sa.WaveObject.from_wave_file("path/to/file.wav")
play_obj = wave_obj.play()


For usage and how-to questions, first checkout the tutorial in the documentation. If you're still stuck, post a question on StackOverflow and tag it 'pysimpleaudio'.

For bug reports, please create an issue on Github .

Big Thanks To ...

Jonas Kalderstam

Christophe Gohlke

Tom Christie

Many others for their contributions, documentation, examples, and more.