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Hybrid Marker Tracker



This is the C++ implementation of the paper: L. Zhang, M. Ye, C. Chan, G.-Z. Yang, "Real-Time Surgical Tool Tracking and Pose Estimation using a Hybrid Cylindrical Marker" IJCARS. 2017. We hope you find the tracker useful and if so please cite the paper:

@Article{Zhang2017, author="Zhang, Lin and Ye, Menglong and Chan, Po-Ling and Yang, Guang-Zhong", title="Real-time surgical tool tracking and pose estimation using a hybrid cylindrical marker", journal="International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery", year="2017", pages="1--10", issn="1861-6429", doi="10.1007/s11548-017-1558-9", url="" }

Two types of marker can be tracked:

  • Planar circular-dot marker use TrackerKeydot class
  • Cylindrical hybrid marker use TrackerCurvedot class

Circular-dot marker

Hybrid marker


  • > OpenCV 3.0 (should work with 2.4 but not tested)
  • CMake (for project configuration)

How To Run

  1. Under the root directory of the repository (i.e. where this README located), create a folder called build.
  2. In CMake, direct the source code to this root directory, and the binaries to the build directory. Then press configure then generate in CMake.
  3. Download test videos from: (planar circular-dot) (cylindrical hybrid)

  1. In src/main.cpp, modify the video directory to where the videos was downloaded.
  2. In config/Settings.xml, modify tag patternToUse to either CIRCULAR or HYBRID depending on the marker you are using.
  3. Build & run the code.

Print Your Own Marker

The marker design is saved in config/curve_pattern.svg which can be edited by Inkscape. We recommend you use Inkscape to print the marker. Before printing, check File-Document Properties and set Page Size to A4, Units to mm.

You should also modify options in config/Settings.xml accordingly.


This project is licensed under the BSD License - see the LICENCE file for details.

IPPE, which is used in this project, is BSD licence.

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