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  framer prototype

Here's the code for the prototype I use in my article Building The Universal Menu of Tomorrow

Alt Text


  • Relevant code can be found in:
  • I've made my own custom container and device because Framer didn't allow you to change devices a few months ago

  • I should have made classes to make things cleaner and quicker but it get's the job done

  • One of the more obvious things is that I have essentially layered everything on top of each other instead of creating separate pages for each section of the prototype. If I remember correctly, the main reason I did that was because Framer.js utelized fixed directions of either left or right for page transitions and I wanted a seamless transition between the Main Page & Power Search pages. (As you can see, it soon became a nightmare to trigger and control the correct asset arrangements to stop the wrong pages/interactions from being viewed!)

  • All the parallax would defintiely benefit from a more planned approach by using some simple maths and monitoring the change in scroll position & actually formatting each Meal Card’s background image/overlay to be the same size & relative position.

  • There was also some weirdness involved in trying to get the Meal Cards to swipe, while scrolling and be a tap target that can return to it’s original view, without getting stuck at the point where you tapped or dragged it… Actually, the first card still temporarily disappears or scrolls at a different rate. I think it has to do with the fact that when you tap or slightly move it & move the screen at the same time, the return to origin animation begins but doesn’t scroll with everything else.


Framer.Js Prototype showcasing UX/UI methods we can use to remove bias from recommendation services. In this case, how to build the menu of tomorrow..








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