Convert DKB account CSV files to a Homebank compatible CSV format
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This script converts CSV account reports from Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) to a CSV format that can be imported by the personal finance software Homebank.

You can find further instructions on my blog.

How to run the script

The script can either convert a DKB Cash account report or a Visa account report CSV file.

To convert a DKB Cash CSV file simply run:

./ --cash yourCashReportFile.csv

To convert a Visa CSV file run:

./ --visa yourVisaReportFile.csv

Tested versions

I have tested the script with Python versions 2.7.9 and 3.4.3 and Homebank 5.0.0 on Arch Linux. I expect it to run with similar versions on other operating systems as well.

Run the tests

I have included a (admittedly very small) set of tests to help a little bit during development. These tests use Python's unittest module and can be executed using:


You can also test the script manually by using the provided testfiles:

./ --cash testfiles/cash.csv


./ --visa testfiles/visa.csv