A PAM module for authentication with Touch ID
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A PAM module for authentication with Touch ID.

The module takes an optional parameter: "reason".
Its value will be shown in the dialog presented to the user.
If the argument is omitted, generic text is used.

Do not procede unless you're 1,000,000% sure what you're doing.
If you're only 999,999% sure, then turn back now.


  1. Build the project
  2. Copy pam_touchid.so.2 to /usr/local/lib/pam/ and set:
    • Permissions: 444
    • Owner: root
    • Group: wheel

Configuring sudo to use it

  1. Open up/etc/pam.d/sudo in your favourite text editor
  2. Add auth sufficient pam_touchid.so reason="execute a command as another user" to the top of the file

The procedure is pretty much the same for any other process, but you'd edit a different config file and probably change the reason too.

If you get locked out of sudo

  1. Feel bad that you lied about being 1,000,000% sure what you're doing
  2. Enable the root user through system preferences and use su to put the config file back