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colonyJS Hackathon Starter Project Fork - Augmented Basketball Association (ABA)
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ABA Hackathon Project


You must have yarn, nodejs, and npm installed to use this starter.

This starter needs to run with node version >= 8.2.1 - you may find it helpful to use nvm to manage node versions. We recommend using node 9.5.


Clone to your working directory of choice with:

~$ git clone

Move to your new starter directory and install dependencies:

$ cd hackathonStarter/

~/hackathonStarter$ yarn 

Get Started

This project uses express-js to serve web pages and sqlite as a caching mechanism from the blockchain. Materialize was used on the front-end.

Start a test blockchain

In a new terminal window:

~/hackathonStarter$ yarn start-ganache

Deploy the colonyNetwork to ganache

~/hackathonStarter$ yarn deploy-contracts

Start TrufflePig

In a new terminal window, cd to the hackathonStarter and start TrufflePig with

~/hackathonStarter$ yarn start-trufflepig

Initialize with mock data

This will create the token, colony, domains (every team has a domain), and a sample task in each domain.

~/hackathonStarter$ yarn create-mock-data

Run example code

The code will start an express js server hosting web pages at localhost:3000. Go to http://localhost:3000/home to get to the ABA homepage. Clicking on a team name will bring you to the team's front office and the tasks associated with the team/domain.

~/hackathonStarter$ yarn start-server
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