it is a file system based on fuse. you can use your sina vdisk on linux desktop
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fufs is a filesystem for accessing sina vdisk based on FUSE. (You can use it in commercial software, but please let me know.)

How to build fufs from git source code?

1 prepare tools before configure if you use ubuntu operating can you apt-get install to fetch the basic tools for fufs.

  • libcurl will be used for fufs to send http request or receive http answers
  • json-c will be used for parse response of sina app engine
  • glib will be used for hash table

add your account and password in fufs.c example : your sina disk account is : your sina disk password is: 111111 you should change the main function in fufs.c line 523: fufs_api_get_token("input your account","input your password","local"); add your account and password: line 523: fufs_api_get_token("","111111","local");

2 configure

cd fufs



3 build


4 install (need root)

make install

5 run:

mkdir /tmp/fufs

cd src/

./fufs /tmp/fufs

after all these steps you could have successfully installed fufs on your linux desktop if your account and password is right . you could find your folder and file which are stored in the sina server engine. you can read or write the file in the /tmp/fufs as you like.

note: after you have run your should start a small tool which is in the subfolder of fufs/src,which is called token_keep_thread you can change the source code int token_keep_thread.c. this tool is very very important,it is used to keep your token alive because if you do not run this tool ,your token will be invalid after more or less ten minutes. there are two ways to run this tool choice 1: ./token_keep_thread or you can use the second way choice 2: nohup ./token_keep_thread & (the tool will run in backgroud. Note: keep in mind ,after you umount fufs,you should kill this process.)

if you want to know more,you can read the sina open API here is the website:

How to umount fufs from your linux desktop?

umount: (if you do not want to use this filesystem,you can umount it.) fusermount -u /tmp/fufs

if you run the small tools as the second way you should remember to kill the process kill -9 #(process number)

Where can I get more information:

Still have problems please send email to