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Haniffa Lab

Based in the Newcastle University Biosciences Institute, we apply disruptive techniques to understand how the immune system develops and maintains health

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  1. All software used for “Decoding human fetal liver haematopoiesis” (Popescu, Botting, Stephenson et al., 2019).

    R 33 15

  2. Single cell RNA-seq analysis bundle

    R 23 10

  3. A data pipeline built in Nextflow to process spatial and single-cell experiment data for visualisation in WebAtlas

    Python 14 2

  4. HCA_skin Public

    HCA data analysis

    Jupyter Notebook 11 3

  5. This repository contains all analysis scripts used to explore single cell datasets for: Jardine and Webb et al., 2021, "Blood and immune development in human fetal bone marrow and in Down syndrome"…

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