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  • HttpFactory.Simple operations now support (optional) headers as well


  • Fixed #39: HttpFactory.Delete does not respect headers
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@hanssens hanssens released this May 30, 2017 · 4 commits to master since this release

Lots of things changed in the previous release of v2.0.0. Don't worry, this release is much more subtle.

In fact, the only "breaking change" is not really breaking; the API signatures for HttpFactory.Get() and HttpFactory.Delete() now have optional headers. Considering it IS a major interface change, this justifies the major bump for this release to v2.1.0.


  • Added support for HttpFactory.Patch
    Including HttpFactory.Patch, HttpFactory.Simple.Patch and HttpFactory.PatchAsync
  • Added helper: HttpResponseMessage.Value() and its async variant
    Allows you to quickly read out the value of a response message coming from the HttpFactory (or any of the native HttpClient's responses)


  • HttpFactory.Get now supports (optional) headers
    This includes HttpFactory.Get, HttpFactory.Simple.Get and HttpFactory.GetAsync
  • HttpFactory.Delete now supports (optional) headers
    This includes HttpFactory.Delete, HttpFactory.Simple.Delete and HttpFactory.DeleteAsync
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@hanssens hanssens released this May 22, 2017 · 64 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

Version 2.0 is all about a migration to dotnet core. Of course, I've taken the liberty to introduce some serious breaking changes, which you can read all about it further on.

You can grab a fresh copy through:

$ Install-Package Hanssens.Net.Extensions

The original beta of v2.0.0 was released at Aug 18, 2016. On 22 May, 2017 the final was published to NuGt.

Breaking changes

Shaking up the namespaces
Naming is hard. Namespaces are therefor too. Pretty much everything has been reordered, or moved, to better-suited namespaces. Intellisense will help you with this, of course.



  • CsvExport no longer has a reference to System.Data.SqlTypes


  • Important: JsonRequest and JsonResponse now reside in 'Hanssens.Net.Http', rather than the IO namespace
  • Important: JsonRequest now relies on the HttpClient, rather than HttpWebRequest
  • Important: For multiple calls, JsonRequest is now also part of a newly introduced class HttpFactory, which much more efficiently handles open sockets (thanks to The ASP.NET Monsters).
  • For single calls, JsonRequest now also accepts an existing HttpClient as an argument


  • Added license: MIT (or WTFPL, if you prefer)
  • Added ReflectionExtensions.IsNull(), to determine if the instance of an object is null (either value type or reference type).
  • Added ReflectionExtensions.IsNullableType(), to determine if the type of an object instance is nullable (either value type or reference type).
  • Added IEnumerable.Replace() and IList.Replace()
  • Added Base64.Encode() and Base64.Decode()
  • Added UnitConverters: ConvertFromUnixEpoch() and DateTime.ToEpoch()
  • Added IEnumerable extension: IEnumerable.Replace()


  • Tests are changed to XUnit, instead of NUnit; simply because the latter had too many cross-platform tooling issues
  • Newtonsoft.Json, which is the only dependency, is updated to use v10.x


  • No fixes in this release
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@hanssens hanssens released this Dec 28, 2015 · 78 commits to master since this release

This version is a minor hotfix for the v1.2.0 release. NuGet install available.


  • Fixes #19: Custom headers result in (415) Unsupported Media Type error, with PUT/POST
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@hanssens hanssens released this Sep 2, 2015 · 90 commits to master since this release

This version update mostly focuses on enhancing the JsonRequest object, which now correctly supports GET without body and allows you to pass optional headers as well.


  • Fixed duplicate case-sensitive folder [S]source
  • JsonRequest operations (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) now acception optional headers
  • Removed 'args' (body parameters) from the JsonRequest.Get operation
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@hanssens hanssens released this Apr 22, 2015 · 116 commits to master since this release

Published on: 22 Apr, 2015
Version : v1.1.0

An updated version with new features and enhancements to the original package.
Install and updates available through


  • Added UnitConverter - for converting units
  • Added Cryptography.PasswordHash
  • Added JsonRequest, for easy GET, POST, PUT and DELETE'ing http webrequests
  • Added extension helpers, such as IEnumerable.IsNullOrEmpty(), IsValidJson()
  • Added Extract.ExtractPropertyValue; a helper for extracting the property value from an object instance, by it's property name


  • Improved Randomizer() initialization algorithm
  • 100% Mono compliant


  • Namespaces are more consistent
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@hanssens hanssens released this Apr 22, 2015 · 116 commits to master since this release

Published on: 23 Dec, 2014
Version : v1.0.0

The original release of the package.

New Features

  • Added Randomizer()
  • Added extension helpers, such as LongestWord(), In, ToSeoFriendlyString()
  • Added ILogger
  • Added CsvExporter
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