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uBlock filters by hant0508

This filter list for uBlock Origin/Adblock Plus is designed to be used with such lists as EasyList, RU AdList etc., so it's substantially free of intersections with them. The list is made for blocking ad (mostly on Russian websites) missed by other filter lists maintainers. It is regularly updated and actively developed for now.

Filter list installation: click subscribe or use direct link:


This filter list is compatible with most modern ad blockers, however it's recommended to use uBlock Origin to supporting all the features — it's more lightweight and functional compared to Adblock.

uBlock Origin installation: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, advanced installation options

I recommend using the following filter lists for the best result:

I also recommend to see userscripts and userstyles repositories. There you can find scripts and styles removing "complicated" ads.


If you have any problems with the filters, open an issue. If you have any difficulties in blocking ads on any site, you can also write about it. Write me at email, if you have no GitHub account.