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Go-mtpfs is a simple FUSE filesystem for mounting Android devices as a MTP device.

It will expose all storage areas of a device in the mount, and only reads file metadata as needed, making it mount quickly. It uses Android extensions to read/write partial data, so manipulating large files requires no extra space in /tmp.

It has been tested on various flagship devices (Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, Nexus 7). As of Jan. 2013, it uses a pure Go implementation of MTP, which is based on libusb.


  • Install the Go compiler suite; e.g. on Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install golang-go
  • Install libmtp header files
sudo apt-get install libusb1-devel
  • Then check out go-mtpfs, and run
go build ./

This will leave a binary go-mtpfs


mkdir xoom
go-mtpfs xoom &
cp -a ~/Music/Some-Album xoom/Music/
fusermount -u xoom

After a file is closed (eg. if "cp" completes), it is safe to unplug the device; the filesystem then will continue to function, but generates I/O errors when it reads from or writes to the device.


  • It does not implement rename between directories, because the Android stack does not implement it.

  • It does not implement Event handling, ie. it will not notice changes that the phone makes to the media database while connected.

  • Some Sony Xperia devices claim to implement Android extension, but don't. See issue #104. Symptom:

    AndroidGetPartialObject64 failed: OperationNotSupported

    In this case, disable Android extensions with the flag -android=0


You can send your feedback through the issue tracker at


This is not an official Google product.

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