VNC Server for Raspberry PI using dispmanx
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VNC Server for Raspberry Pi using dispmanx


  • libvncserver-dev
  • raspberrypi-firmware (some distros will call this rbp-userland-dev-osmc)


Compile with ./makeit or use make


  • logoArch ARM: in the AUR.


If you want to use X, modprobe evdev first. Use -r for relative mode Use -a for absolute mode Without arguments it uses absolute mode for mouse

Relative mode makes hello_triangle2 to work. And also mouse moving in minecraft is better. Still the mouse is tricky.


dispmanx_vnc uses libvncserver-dev, so it takes all the arguments vncserver does. See "./dispmanx_vnc -help" for possible options. You may already have a vncserver running; In which case use dispmanx_vnc with another port than the default 5900. For example: sudo ./dispmanx_vnc rfbport 5901

Possible Errors

If you see the message, "open /dev/uinput returned -1." it is because you are trying to run dispmanx without being root.