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Barnacle Wifi Tether
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HaoQi's Barnacle Wifi Tether Fork

A Wifi tether that only provides ad-hoc Wifi. It is the original Barnacle but without NAT and DHCP binaries running, providing a simplified interface for just ad-hoc Wifi.

When running this app for the first time, a prompt will ask about a WPA Supplicant. Keep choosing "Yes" and it will create the WPA supplicant so you can press "Start" successfully the second time.

Change IP address

The same way as the original Barnacle app:

  • Barnacle -> Settings -> DHCP -> Gateway -> [new IP address] --> Okay
  • Stop and Start (i.e. restart)

Original Barnacle Wifi Tether's README

Barnacle is a combination of tools to provide wifi tethering on an Android phone:

  • NAT
  • DHCP server
  • WLAN ad-hoc setup

How to build Barnacle

see original Barnacle README

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