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A R package for giphy API
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Want to add some GIFs to your awesome rmarkdown presentation?



I guess this is one of the least productive R packages in our community...

No more to say. Enjoy more GIFs in your Rmarkdown documents.




# For dev version


If you are using a recent version of RStudio (v0.99.878 or later), you should be able to find an "Addins" dropdown menu on the toolbar. This package comes with a RStudio Addin called "Add GIFs", which has a user friendly interface you can use to browse, download or insert GIFs or links to a rmarkdown document.

For useRs who are not using RStudio, I'm planning to include a stand-alone shiny app that can be run directly in the console in the next release.


I'm currently using the public beta key for the Giphy API. They say there is a rate limit. I will request a Production key if needed.

Also, I noticed that after GIPHY made some API change recently (the link is no longer point directly to a .gif file but a web page), GIF images can't be seen correctly on some old versions of RStudio. You might need to update your RStudio version if it occurs to you.

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