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This is a small tool to log data to a Google Spreadsheet. Google Spreadsheets are very handy for manipulating data, but it's less easy to insert data programmatically.

In order to use this, you'll need the python gdata client in PYTHONPATH, e.g.

$ export PYTHONPATH="/opt/google/gdata-2.0.14/src"
$ python --name "Spreadsheet Name" col1:val1 col2:val2 …

You can insert multiple rows at once by piping on stdin, whilst specifying just the column names.

$ cat data
val1 val2
val3 val4
$ python --name 'Spreadsheet Name' col1 col2 < data

If you need to know what the valid column names are, leave off the data from the command line.

$ python --name "Spreadsheet Name"

Note that logss uses OAuth, so the first time that you use it, you will be prompted with an URL to visit in order to allow logss access to your google docs.


  • Add a to allow installation.
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