Visualizing Deep Neural Network by Alternately Image Blurring and Deblurring
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FaceVis LightendCNN Dec 2, 2015
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Some interesting visualization demos using Caffe and Matlab.

  • FaceVis

Visualize the face memorized by a face recognition model.

  • FilterVis

Visualize the mid-level features learned by a CNN model.

  • Inceptionism

Visualize the classifier neurons in a CNN model.

  • NNComplexity

Show how complex the neural network can achieve, w.r.t. width, depth and structure.

  • NeuralArt

Yet another re-implementation for paper

A Neural Algorthm of Artistic Style' by Leon Gatys, Alexander Ecker, and Matthias Bethge (

  • PrototxtGen

Some modules used to generate a prototxt for Caffe.