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 - a system like
 -   shows all your own tickets and comments
# Brain storm

 - inspired by railscasts:episodes#create, I want users and myself(mainly myself), to upload videos, audios, pics

    - railscasts have a note for each video, I can have this by having the ticket text(markdown-backed)
    - be it a audios or pics or anything, the ticket model won't get complex, all are of one type, "attachedfile"
      with name a location
    - then I get whatever I want: blog, forum, railscasts,... all as tickets, so I need a tagging system
    - and even some hard-coded nav pages if necessary, 
      say happycasts, by choosing only tickets with tag: video&&vim plug author=happypeter
    - now user and I are all equal, we are all people who can submit one thing: a ticket

 - echo ticket will be given a unique number, and let's see how
   big the number will grow, and the biggest number will show on top like
   rather then the Hacker News 1,2,3,4... style
 - it is not twitter, it is not HN, and I will still keep my blog, the system will start simply as 
   a newer ticket sits on top of the rest older ones, then what's on the tickets? Anything, be it a 
   question from my students on vim or git, be it any other topic

v0.9 release note:
 - font-size resizable in IE now
 - move most tyle to css file
 - use time_ago_in_words to display time

v0.8 release note:
 - add reply to comments
 - HN style
 - action mailer now works

v0.7 release note:
 - add checkbox "remember me"
 - new user login direct after signup

v0.6 release note:
 - nicer <title>
 - edit comments is now possible
 - fix user#show error, when  current_user is nil

v0.5 release note:
 - code hilighting
 - new markdown engine-- redcarpet
 - set up to apache virtualhost--for phpmyadmin
 - will_paginate

v0.4 release note:
 - add markdown support 
 - change profile possible now
 - using HN logo, upside down

v0.3 release note:

 - /username gives a user homepage
 - /users  gives a user list ( maybe give a sorting by karma is a good idea?)
 - /nonexsitname gives a error msg and redirect to root_url
 - more HackerNews feathers and style
 - done with most what I want 
 - no obvious bug 

v0.2 release note:

 - comments put into concern
 - hide unauthorized action on view (edit, destroy...)

v0.1 release note:

 - user can login&logout
 - post only if you login
 - auth check for delete or edit but not show
 - the logic works, but the view is still very primitive