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  1. bootkit-samples bootkit-samples Public

    Bootkit sample for firmware attack

    228 34

  2. ved-ebpf ved-ebpf Public

    VED-eBPF: Kernel Exploit and Rootkit Detection using eBPF

    C++ 141 24

  3. ved ved Public

    Vault Exploit Defense

    C 120 19

  4. vaultboot vaultboot Public

    Security payload for next-Gen firmware architecture

    Shell 50 3

  5. vault_range_poc vault_range_poc Public

    Project Vault Range PoC: Know your enemy and yourself to build better defense-in-depth solution!

    C 41 13

  6. vault1317 vault1317 Public

    Off-chain secure communication protocol with Zero-knowledge proof (Ring Signature) and metadata protection.

    C 22 4


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