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Personal update buddy for WordPress-driven projects πŸ€–
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Running and testing WordPress updates is no fun. UPDATE APPARATUS πŸ€– will try and help you with this chore.


Update sequence

This is it's update sequence:

  1. Validate dependencies
  2. Crawl website
  3. Update dependencies
  4. Re-crawl website
  5. Diff the output

Update sequence.


npm install update-apparatus -g


Run update-apparatus in the root of your project.

Dependency management

UPDATE APPARATUS πŸ€– is able to either use Composer and wp-cli for updating dependencies. UPDATE APPARATUS πŸ€– tries to be helpful and determines if it's a Composer-managed project based on a constant variable called WP_HOME that should exist in the .env file. This is used for determining the URL. It will tell you it's findings when running the update sequence.


You can configure your preferences per project through an .apparatusrc file that contains JSON.

  "composerSkip": ["wpackagist-plugin/akismet"],
  "max": 1,
  "wpSkip": ["akismet"]
Option Description
composerSkip Packages to skip when using --batch (see Batch)
max Maximum amount of URLs to crawl
wpSkip Dependencies to skip when using wp-cli (used for wp plugin update --exclude)


You can also run UPDATE APPARATUS πŸ€– to batch-update multiple projects. It will make some assumptions though. Use update-apparatus --batch in your projects root to use this. Workflow:

  1. Assume projects are in subdirectories from the place you ran the command
  2. You can select all projects you would like to update
  3. Update version constraints to latest version for Composer packages and ask you about custom repositories
  4. Run UPDATE APPARATUS πŸ€– for each project, without crawling the website
  5. Commit changes in a branch
  6. Create a pull request per project
  7. Show links to PR's for you to review
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