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A tool for creating visual novels for the Sega 32x. Work in progress.
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VN32X v0.2.0

This is a tool for creating graphic novels for the Sega 32X. Work in progress.

So far, it contains:

  • A C library for making visual novels;
  • Another C library to interface the VN library with the 32X hardware;
  • A tool to convert PNG images to a format compatible with the 32X;
  • A transpiler that translates a subset of the Ren'py scripting language to a C file (plus a few includes) that uses the VN library;
  • A Makefile that takes care of coordinating all of that.

In order to compile the library and the generated sources, you will need a C cross compiler for 32X; you can find one on


A manual can be found at:

Implemented so far

  • Scripts for converting images to the proper format;
  • 32K color mode;
  • Image rendering with cropping and optional translucency;
  • Antialised variable width font text rendering;
  • Word wrapping for the text;
  • Joypad input;
  • Word wrapping for the text boxes;
  • Menus;
  • Some image decompression caching to speed up image rendering;
  • Create an easy to use library to implement the graphical novels;
  • Implement a tool to automatically generate C source code from Ren'Py scripts.

In progress

Not implemented, but planned

  • Better error handling;
  • Correcting bug where the parser freaks out on empty lines;
  • Support for variables;
  • Support for conditionals;
  • Support for a (limited) Python subset;
  • More than one character on screen;
  • Support for hicolor images;
  • Documentation and tutorials;
  • Digital audio playback.
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