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Harper's Resume

I authored my résumé in HTML around 2002. It wasn't out of date, but I wasn't satisfied with how the data was stored. I needed something that allowed me to generate multiple versions without effort. I also wanted to be able to curate my résumé the same way that I curate the rest of my data.

The first time I thought about doing this was after seeing my friend Anders' résumé in yaml (his brother Morgan's résumé is in protobufs (they are a crazy family)). Anders' résumé made sense. And reading about Morgan's thoughts behind his protobuf résumé made me think of converting my résumé to yaml.

I then ran into Ming-Ho Yee's repo that had a nice ruby script to generate HTML and TEX from yaml. I "forked" the repo, built my résumé in yaml and migrated my old HTML résumé to the ERB template.

A couple of notes:

  • I really liked how Ming-Ho Yee separated out the private data into its own yaml file.
  • When using LaTeX, I have no idea what I am doing. Apparently I need to figure that out if i want to generate PDF files.
  • I currently only need HTML and Markdown

That is it.


This is the résumé of Harper Reed. If you use any of this - please remove my identity from your resume.yaml.