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resolve Ivy home launcher setting to absolute path

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commit c9310db337ee8b37b128ab712e3e600fd244035f 1 parent dc2aaaf
@harrah authored
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 launch/LaunchConfiguration.scala
5 launch/LaunchConfiguration.scala
@@ -23,9 +23,12 @@ final case class LaunchConfiguration(scalaVersion: Value[String], ivyConfigurati
def withVersions(newScalaVersion: String, newAppVersion: String, classifiers0: Classifiers) =
LaunchConfiguration(new Explicit(newScalaVersion), ivyConfiguration.copy(classifiers = classifiers0), app.withVersion(new Explicit(newAppVersion)), boot, logging, appProperties)
- def map(f: File => File) = LaunchConfiguration(scalaVersion, ivyConfiguration,,, logging, appProperties)
+ def map(f: File => File) = LaunchConfiguration(scalaVersion,,,, logging, appProperties)
final case class IvyOptions(ivyHome: Option[File], classifiers: Classifiers, repositories: List[xsbti.Repository], checksums: List[String], isOverrideRepositories: Boolean)
+ def map(f: File => File) = IvyOptions(, classifiers, repositories, checksums, isOverrideRepositories)
sealed trait Value[T]
final class Explicit[T](val value: T) extends Value[T] {
override def toString = value.toString
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